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From the first mobile application to the self-service platform


Dear friends, Today we have started a new section of our website - Blog - where we will share secrets of comprehensive approach to mobile apps promotion, publish the most interesting cases and screencasts, tell about our own products, projects and activities, and introduce our team to you, our readers. So, the first post is a story of Appbooster foundation in the words of our CEO David Blbulyan. Enjoy & welcome!

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Appbooster team

CEO компании Appbooster

“Appbooster was established in 2013. Before that we had already gained some experience in mobile apps development. The first application we released in 2012 was SMSNinja. It turned out to be very successful and landed at the tops of "paid" and then “free” apps (after changing monetization scheme) and even got into Top 11 Grossing. We tried to boost all the next projects to the top by purchasing a lot of advertisement / reviews on the same day, as we understood that app ranking in the top depends on the number of installs per day, so the more traffic you drive within a period of time, the faster and higher you can rise. We liked the effect of staying at the top and we wanted to repeat this success.

Our next project - Paprika app - was a user-generated feed with memes, videos, etc. A user could get 10-15 rubles for sending some interesting content. But since a part of audience was quite aggressive trying to earn extra money, a comfortable user experience in the app became impossible. The project was failed although it showed us that there was a large number of people who are ready to perform simple tasks for a small reward. Moreover, we already had a database of such users.

So we decided to set up ​​a service of incentive installations which we initially used as a tool for promoting our own apps. We rolled it out in late 2013, on the back of mobile industry boom in Russia, and revealed a significant demand for "rewarded" or "incentive" traffic.

Since then much has happened - aside from top boosts we discovered many other ways to use incentive traffic: keyword ranking improvement, boost to Trending Searches, a list of the most popular users’ requests, reviews “amendment”, etc.

Appbooster team now counts more than 25 people. Since 2013, we have built lasting business relationships with more than 70 clients both from Russia and other countries, run hundreds of ad campaigns, drove more than 5 million installs. Among our customers there are major developers from the US, China and Europe.

We are constantly developing our own products. In December 2016, along with our own offerwall and affiliate network, we have launched our new product - a self-service platform for mobile apps promotion. More than 6 people are working on this project. Now all you need to drive incentive traffic and promote your app is to register in our platform. In your account you can add your app, select a type of ad campaign, set it up and run. A personal manager supports every user and tells how to set up a campaign to get the better results. Our first clients who have already tried to promote their apps were projects from financial and educational spheres, e-commerce, social networks, content and entertainment apps. The platform is in beta but in full operation already. We have huge plans for the platform- incentive traffic is not everything we are interested in. Looking ahead, we plan to add new traffic sources and analytics tools.”

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