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There was always a dream of creating an app easily, by description, which then gets to the app store and starts to bring profit. Alas, no one has created a perfect app constructor, but app promotion has got some luck. Last December Appbooster has launched a self-service app promotion platform.

Our company has been specializing in comprehensive app promotion for a pretty long time and become one of the major Russian services in this field. Until recently, apps used to be promoted in a relatively manual way, with the help of managers who adjusted and ran campaigns. Now, as we have launched a self-service platform, you can easily promote an app on your own.

Today the platform allows you to drive incentive traffic to iOS and Android apps and roll out the following campaigns:

  • keyword ranking improvement;
  • boost to Trending Searches (iOS);
  • improvement of ranking in the Tops;
  • improvement of ratings and reviews.

You can adjust and start campaigns in your user account (you can sign up at — and a fully customized campaign is just a few clicks away.

You choose a campaign type:

and give it a name:

Then set up some basics — a country (only Russia is available for now, but the USA, Germany, France, Canada and other countries are coming soon), devices, keywords, number of installs to be made and their daily limits, and enter the app’s tracking link:

After all the setting is done, the platform automatically calculates your campaign budget and sends it to moderation. Then you top up your account with the required sum, start the campaign and follow its progress in the statistics section:

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get help from Appbooster team. A personal manager is assigned to every user of the platform to help with setting of ad campaigns and all questions arising during their running. Though there is no much need in their help, it is nice to have a helping hand just in case.

Appbooster has developed a user-friendly automated service for app promotion which does everything — quickly, cheaply and conveniently. Incentive installs haven’t disappeared and still remain an important marketing tool for app promotion. Appbooster platform is a simple and safe way to increase visibility of your app in the app stores.

‘Incent’, as a tool, is quite controversial and has always caused much disputes. But despite such an attitude to it, today not a single ad campaign is run without incentive traffic — and not only in Russia, but in the world as well. All the mechanics on its basis complement any other activities and work best as a part of comprehensive app promotion, ensuring maximum visibility in the app store.

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