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A comprehensive app promotion using incentive traffic is a perfect tool to increase visibility of the app in the stores, which allows you to get a number of extra organic installs. A nice example of such approach is Bablomet, a mobile game, which hit Top Category, landed on the first position in the search results with one of its keywords in Trending Searches. All of this done simultaneously brought in 10,000 organic users with CPI equal to 14 rubles.

«Bablomet» — is a clicker game, the main idea of ​​which is quite simple -- tap and spend money.

At the start of the campaign, Bablomet was ranked ​​1,500th in Top Overall of the Russian App Store, 500th in Games and 31st in Board Games. The aim was to get maximum organic traffic at the lowest price.


So that our client could track progress of the ad campaign online, we decided to use our new product for promotion -- a self-service platform Appbooster. Appbooster.

Using our platform you can:

  • improve apps’ keyword ranking;
  • boost keywords to Trending Searches (popular requests on the App Store);
  • boost apps to Tops (Overall, Paid, categories);
  • hold reached positions. It is also possible to improve app’s reviews and rankings.

We worked out the following strategy: first of all, we decided to boost it to the top of search results for “earn money” request (the app was ranked 8th before the campaign started); secondly, we made the app’s title get into Trending Searches (a list of popular requests on the “Search” page in the App Store) and finally, we drove some incentive traffic to boost the app in the top charts.


We created three ad campaigns on the platform.

The first campaign was set to improve the app’s keyword ranking. We wanted the app to land on the first position in search results for ‘earn money’. To achieve that we had to bring in about 2,000 installs.

The second campaign was set to boost ‘bablomet’ keyword to Trending Searches, which required another 3,000 app installs.

So, to boost the app in the search we created two campaigns with a total number of installs equal to 5,000.

Besides, we created one more campaign with 5,000 incentive installs to boost Bablomet to the top of Games. We started the campaigns and results were not long in coming.


The campaign ended up as follows:

  • 2,070 incentive installs brought in from the search page for ‘earn money’ request (2,000 was planned), budget 24,000 rubles;
  • 3,050 incentive installs brought in from the search page for ‘Bablomet’ to boost it to Trending Searches (3,000 was planned), budget 39,000 rubles;
  • 5,000 incentive non-search installs for output of the application in the top category "games", the budget is 70,000 rubles.

Что это дало в итоге: «Бабломет» вышел на 1 место в результатах поиска по запросу «Заработать деньги», также этот запрос попал в trending searches. После апдейта запрос «Бабломет» тоже попал в TS на первую позицию . Помимо этого приложение заняло 1 позицию в категории «Стратегические игры», первую в «Настольных играх», седьмую в топе российских игр и 34 место в российском Top Overall.

What we got in the end: Bablomet landed on the 1st place in the search results for ‘earn money’ (this request also got into Trending Searches). After the update, ‘bablomet’ also hit Trending Searches. Besides, the app took the first position in Strategy Games, the first one in Board Games, the 7th in the top of Russian Games and the 34th place in Russian Top Overall.

On the day of launch, in addition to 10,000 incentive installs, the game got about 1,800 organic installs and then, within several days, 8,000 more. As you can see on the graph above the app kept top positions for a pretty long time and still could be found in the Top 50 of its categories. You can see that with a total cost of campaigns equal to 133,000 rubles, cost per install was about 14 rubles.


Incentive traffic still remains an effective tool for app promotion which helps you increase visibility of your app by improving app’s keyword ranking and position in the top charts and making a certain keyword get into Trending Searches. Top charts and search attract organic users at a low price, and with Appbooster platform you can promote your products and track progress automatically.

For this campaign we used only incentive traffic to achieve the desired results, however, we can recommend using it as an addition to the main ad campaign, for example, to media buying (user acquisition through advertising systems). In this case, amount of required incentive traffic decreases and campaign efficiency grows allowing to bring in organic users and reduce CPI for non-incentive installs.

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