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Our comprehensive promotion strategy is a combination of methods and tools that provide maximum efficiency.

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How it works

Currently, there is a wide range of tools used in mobile marketing. They can be effective by themselves, but from our perspective, the best results are achieved by skillfully combining them.

It is crucial to develop a customized promotion strategy for every app. To create the optimal media plan, we analyze the product, its competitors, and the potential market.

The main stages of our comprehensive strategy

App Store Optimization

Before any advertising campaign starts, it is necessary to optimize the app's page to improve its attractiveness and the view-to-install conversion rate.

Improvement of reviews

Having ratings lower than 4 stars or no reviews at all may undermine conversion. So, if necessary, we can attract positive reviews and improve the app's rating.

Improvement of keyword ranking

Bursting to the TOP of popular keyword searches allows more organic traffic to be driven to your app, which later helps to boost the app to the TOP charts. This leads to a decrease in the amount of incentive traffic needed for boosting and, as a result, the cost of the whole promotion campaign is reduced.

Bursting to Trending Searches and TOP charts

Done simultaneously, a burst of relevant keywords to Trending Searches and the app itself to a TOP chart allows organic traffic to be driven from several sources. This helps the app maintain its attained position for a longer period of time.

Sustaining the position

If the app collects enough organic installs while in the TOP, it is makes sense to hold the app in that position using incentive traffic for as long as it is cost-effective.

Non-incentive traffic acquisition

To attract the maximum audience, we buy traffic from advertising platforms/services. This is a long-term campaign that can last for the entire period of the app's promotion.

Results achieved with non-incentive traffic acquisition

Attraction of a larger volume
of quality traffic

A lower CPI, thanks to a combination
of several promotion tools

How we drive traffic


Enabling tracking

Tracking systems allow us to differentiate the traffic channels used, analyze them individually, and track how advertising campaigns are running in real-time.

Non-incentive traffic for bursting to Top

If it is advisable to buy non-incentive traffic for promoting an app, it is better to start the campaign several days before boosting. The need for an early launch is because campaigns using non-incentive traffic acquisition take some time to get up to the right pace. This will drive installs, which helps boost the app to the desired position in the Top.

Publication of articles/reviews and cross-promotion

To drive additional traffic over the course of the comprehensive strategy, it can be helpful to place reviews of the app on themed media platforms. The best time to start publishing articles or engaging in cross-promotion is on the same day that the TOP burst campaign starts. If necessary, we can also search for and select relevant resources for promotion, as well as launch additional campaigns on YouTube, Instagram, etc.

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Snail games have worked with Appbooster since January 2016. During this time, Appbooster have showed their professionalism in working with large projects. Appbooster is one of the biggest mobile traffic source in CIS. They give us high quality traffic in big volumes. If you need high quality incent/non incent traffic, professional service, personal approach to your projects, definitely I recommend Appbooster for you.

Clark Alex, Marketing Manager
Snail Games

We are very glad to work with the Appbooster team. They provided detailed consultation, gave helpful advice, were always in touch, and worked 100%. We plan to continue our partnership and highly recommend them to others.

Ilya Smorodnikov, Marketing Manager
Galaxy Chat&Play

When working with agencies it is very important to get fast feedback in urgent situations: to launch a campaign, stop it, revise it asap, even during off-times, days-off, or on weekends. We'd like to thank Appbooster for on-the-fly responses in handling such issues regardless of the time or day.

Yulia Tirdanova, Key Account Manager
Effective Advertising Agency

A very pleasant and professional team. They provided ongoing support, consultations, an individual approach, and competitive prices. We tried to cooperate with other "eminent" players, who showed a lower level of business partnership. We will continue working with Appbooster.

Stepan Svetliy, CEO

Thank you to Appbooster and Kostya in particular for their help in promoting our game. These guys found the best way to promote our game specifically, successfully carried out the campaign at a good price, and also monitored the results, which is doubly pleasing. Thanks to Appbooster on behalf of Omega Games!

Nikita Ibrogimov, General Producer
Omega Games

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