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Using our resources, it is possible to boost your app to Top Paid/Free, Top Overall/Categories, and Top New Android Apps (Google Play).

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Why do you need boost to Top?

Boost to Top increases the visibility and recognition of the app, which helps attract a larger number of organic users within a short period of time.

Top Overall works best for apps with a wide target audience, such as, for example: promo apps, casual games, social networks, etc. For other apps, it can be enough to boost up within a Top Category.

The types of burst campaigns we run

Paid Overall

Free Overall


New Apps (Google Play)

The mechanics of boost to Top

App analysis

  • ASO analysis
  • Analysis of the category's relevance
  • Recommendations
  • Installation of a tracker (if necessary)

Calculation of required traffic volume

Competitiveness in the Tops is constantly changing, so the final volume of traffic required should be calculated individually, no earlier than ten days before the start of the campaign.

Start of the campaign

During the "boost", it is very important to monitor the density of driven traffic. The more installs the app gets per a unit of time, the faster it lands in the desired position. During the campaign, we track boosting dynamics with every update in the store and, if necessary, swiftly adjust its operation.

Sustaining the position

After the app has landed at the required position, traffic acquisition may be continued. This will help maintain the achieved result and attract more organic users. Profitability of maintaining a position and the necessary amount of installs are evaluated by analytical metrics.

Peculiarities of Google Play and the App Store

The amount of time required for a burst campaign differs for iOS and Android apps due to the peculiarities of their ranking algorithms. Consequently, an App Store burst campaign takes a day, at most, with an update every 3 to 3.5 hours. The Google Play update period is about 3 days, so boosting to the desired position can take between 3 and 7 days, depending on the competitiveness of the category.

A comprehensive solution for app promotion

Boosting to Top means driving a large volume of installs within a short period of time. Therefore, in order to optimize a promotion campaign, it makes sense to combine boosting to Top with other mobile marketing tools, such as non-incentive traffic acquisition, improvement of keyword ranking, boosting to Trending Searches, and any number of other activities.

In each case, we choose the most effective combination of tools.


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Clients say

Snail games have worked with Appbooster since January 2016. During this time, Appbooster have showed their professionalism in working with large projects. Appbooster is one of the biggest mobile traffic source in CIS. They give us high quality traffic in big volumes. If you need high quality incent/non incent traffic, professional service, personal approach to your projects, definitely I recommend Appbooster for you.

Clark Alex, Marketing Manager
Snail Games

We are very glad to work with the Appbooster team. They provided detailed consultation, gave helpful advice, were always in touch, and worked 100%. We plan to continue our partnership and highly recommend them to others.

Ilya Smorodnikov, Marketing Manager
Galaxy Chat&Play

When working with agencies it is very important to get fast feedback in urgent situations: to launch a campaign, stop it, revise it asap, even during off-times, days-off, or on weekends. We'd like to thank Appbooster for on-the-fly responses in handling such issues regardless of the time or day.

Yulia Tirdanova, Key Account Manager
Effective Advertising Agency

A very pleasant and professional team. They provided ongoing support, consultations, an individual approach, and competitive prices. We tried to cooperate with other "eminent" players, who showed a lower level of business partnership. We will continue working with Appbooster.

Stepan Svetliy, CEO

Thank you to Appbooster and Kostya in particular for their help in promoting our game. These guys found the best way to promote our game specifically, successfully carried out the campaign at a good price, and also monitored the results, which is doubly pleasing. Thanks to Appbooster on behalf of Omega Games!

Nikita Ibrogimov, General Producer
Omega Games
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