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Our partnership includes 40+ agencies, and we have been involved in the complex mobile app promotion since 2013

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Digital agencies, mobile development studios, mobile game publishers, and consulting companies – we invite you to partner with us!
Our professional team and strong expertise in mobile marketing are at your service.

Our key competencies:


The whole range of App Store Optimization activities


Keyword promotion in the App Store and Google Play


Launching Apple Search Ads campaigns


App reputation(reviews and rating adjustments)


A/B testing in mobile apps


MMP integration


Media buying and user acquisition(performance model with clear KPIs)

Earn more by offering our services to your clients

Make your offer more comprehensive and involve us in subcontracting

Earn money on your non-target leads

Refer non-target leads to us, recommend Appbooster and convert a non-core service into money

Earn money on high-quality leads from Appbooster

We are often contacted by clients who need mobile application development, help in website promotion, SEO, SMM services, etc. We are ready to pass such leads over to reliable partners

We will take your project into operation on mutually beneficial partnership terms.
Manage the project yourself or entrust the whole process to us.

Who do we partner with?

Digital agencies

Do you work with large brands, but do not have enough expertise in mobile marketing? Involve Appbooster for these tasks — in fact, you get an outsourced mobile marketing department. Increase your expertise in the eyes of customers.

Mobile development studios

Once the product development is complete, do you need to implement analytics and develop a marketing strategy? Connect us at the final stage of the project — we will prepare an app to attract the target audience, develop a media plan and take care of all the promotion work.

Consulting companies

Do you provide consulting services for a large brand? Recommend Appbooster to promote your client's mobile app.

How do we work?

Commission based scheme

Your customers have a mobile app and they turn to you for promotion

You recommend Appbooster as mobile marketing experts and pass the client's contacts over to us

We contact the client, conduct negotiations, carry out work to promote the mobile app

We pay you an agency interest depending on the contract amount

You do not lose the opportunity to earn money on popular services and maintain client loyalty


Your customers have a mobile app and they turn to you for promotion

The client sets you a task. We clarify and work out the requirements, prepare a proposal, participate in negotiations on your behalf

You are entering into a contract. We become a subcontractor and fully perform all the work to promote the app

You pay for our services according to the subcontract agreement

You keep the client and expand your services list

Why Appbooster?

We care about clients and partners:

We are often approached by clients who need mobile app development, website promotion assistance, SEO, SMM services, etc. We are ready to pass such leads over to reliable partners

Appbooster is a direct provider of all mobile marketing services

In-house services, tools and traffic sources

For each project, we gather a dedicated team

Flexible motivation system for partners

Our partners

Kokoc Group
Mobi Sharks
Zen Mobile Agency
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let’s mutually grow our businesses!

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