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What is App Store Optimization?

It is the process of optimizing a mobile app page to maximize visibility and increase Conversion-to-install Rate.

2 reasons why you need App Store Optimization

Boosting impression-to-install conversions.
The app gets more users and generates a higher revenue at the same marketing expense.

Boosting app visibility in the store:
improving search results ranking, getting into Recommended and other collections.

Successful optimization consists of working on every element of the app store page. Work on this tool should be done regularly: once per quarter or at least once per half a year. As a result, you start getting more installs with a lower CPI.

Main stages of ASO

Strategy development

Analysis of the application, topics, competitors and the target audience. In parallel, if necessary, collecting the semantic core and development of a promotion plan.

Hypothesis testing

Testing the metadata if necessary on the traffic relevant to the application. In this way, the option with the highest conversion rate is determined.

Metadata preparation

Based on the developed strategy, new app’s metadata is prepared for publication or testing. The rating and reviews are also adjusted if necessary.

Keyword promotion

After choosing the optimal design of the page with the help of testing begins the next stage — keyword promotion, using keywords collected in the first stage.

How does it work?

We have designed your monthly channel ROI report.
The “magic” of ASO is best noticed at scale: having improved the app page on the App Store and secured Conversion growth by 2-4 percentage points across all channels, look how your project economy has gotten better.

SourceExpenseApp page visitsInstall conversionsNew usersARPURevenue
Facebook$10 00055 000
7 700
9 350
$11 242
$13 651
Organic$3 00042 000
7 560
9 240
$11 869
$14 506
Influencers$5 00090 000
8 100
9 900
$7 776
$9 504
Total$18 000
$30 887
$37 661
ROI Report for ASO-Affected Channelsbeforeafter

Revenue has increased by 22%

from $30 887 to $37 661+22%

Want to increase your app's revenue too?

What does Appbooster's ASO include?

Textual optimization

Analysis and evaluation of the current ASO and positions by keywords

Competitive analysis

Collection of the semantic for each geo

Title, subtitle/short description, full description, promo text preparation

Metadata preparation for additional localizations (if necessary)

Help with updating app metadata. We can do it ourselves or send you detailed instructions and supervise the process

Position evaluation

Detailed report on the work undertaken

Graphic optimization

Analysis and evaluation of the current ASO

Competitive analysis

Assembling initial information and all materials from the client

Prototypes development

Preparing materials for the publication — we provide all source materials

Preparing graphical elements for A/B testing

A/B testing in the App Store and Google Play

Help with updating app metadata. We can do it ourselves or send you detailed instructions and supervise the process

Detailed report on the work undertaken

ASO audit

Complete analysis of your app page in the App Store and Google Play with recommendations for improvement:

Comparative analysis of the app's current conversion rate in particular vertical

Text metadata analysis: developing a shortlist of keywords, evaluation of current metadata, recommendations for new metadata formation

Graphic metadata analysis: evaluation, comparison with competitors, recommendations for improvement

Traffic analysis by source

Report on frequency of updates and activity of the competitors

Rating and feedback assessment, suggestions for improvement

What elements are worked on

App Store

  • App page
  • In-app purchases
  • In-app events
  • Custom product pages

Google Play

  • Main store listing
  • Custom store listing

What approaches do we offer?

One-time optimization

Best for an effective launch of products that are scheduled for release. Also good for released products where initial optimization has not been performed fully. As part of one-time optimization, you can purchase either individual elements (screenshots only, video only, text part only, etc.) or a whole set of elements.

Event-based ASO

Best for products that already have a lot of brand traffic and strong marketing activity. Event-based ASO adapts to trends, events, seasons and events. To stay relevant and stand out from the competition, it's a good idea to periodically update the graphics. Such as for different seasons, significant events, new items announcements for apps with a large amount of content, etc.

Iterative ASO

Suitable for apps that focus on results — increasing Conversion Rate. Iterative optimization analyzes the current state of the product and works on elements that are found to be ineffective. This type is needed in order to find the most converting element of the graphic.

Our clients

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Case studies

Graphics localization: Russia, UK, Germany. Graphics A/B testing:

Picture Crossword

  • UK: On average, a new icon will increase CR by 7.45%, and new screenshots by 21.65%.
  • Germany: a new icon will increase CR by 37,8%, and new screenshots by 18,9%
  • Russia: a new screenshots will increas CR by 22%

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