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App Store Optimization

Boost visibility in app stores, increase conversion rate from impressions to installations, and cut user acquisition costs.
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How ASO affects income

Just one ASO iteration can multiply the number of impressions of an app in the store and increase the conversion to installation

Let's provide an example to demonstrate how these changes can increase revenue. Let's take an app with a subscription-based monetization model:

Conversion from impression to installation before ASO = 3%

Conversion from impression to installation after ASO = 7%

Conversion to purchase = 4%

Subscription cost = $4.99

14 days' worth of impressions

Number of installations in 14 days

Revenue for 14 days

Before ASO

1 200 000

36 000

$7 186

After ASO

1 200 000

84 000

$16 766


$9 580 or 133%

Our ASO Approach
01.Develop a Strategy

Analyze the application, its theme, and target audience. Research competitors and evaluate the effectiveness of their ASO. Select suitable formats and make strategic decisions, proposing a tailored optimization plan.

02.Gather the Semantic ore

Assemble a semantic core with queries of varying frequencies, covering a maximum of organic search queries to reach a broader audience. This iterative process is crucial, as replacing keywords can significantly boost organic traffic.

03.Craft Title and other Textual Elements

Optimize the title using keywords for improved indexing and position. Compose a compelling subtitle, keywords, and description, considering key queries.

04.Design Engaging Icon, Screenshots and Video

A prominent and attractive icon will help capture user attention when choosing an app from search results. It's among the initial visual elements that a prospective user of your app encounters.

05.Launch A/B Testing

Regularly test all ASO elements to continually enhance effectiveness over time.

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Need more information?

Check out our video guide 'ASO Insights.' In it, our Head of ASO, Valeria Shalimova, shares her experience and tips.

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Free ASO Design Maker from Appbooster

Graphics play a pivotal role in ASO, as proper design significantly enhances the conversion rate from impressions to installations, with the quality of pictures being crucial.

Understanding that not all teams can afford a designer, we've developed a free tool to assist independent teams. This tool allows you to create graphics easily, even if you lack accompanying text. Watch our video tutorial for a better understanding of how it works.

The Design Maker enables the creation of simple graphic variants and utilizes the advanced Slice tool for crafting original compositions where elements seamlessly transition between screenshots.

We've included a 'search results' screen and an 'app page' screen, offering an immediate preview of how your graphics will appear in the store and complement the icon.

For your convenience, we've curated successful color combinations and pre-made mockups for all devices, spanning from Google Play to the App Store, covering iPhones to iPads.

Forget about studying guidelines and searching for dimensions – in the Design Maker, all the necessary dimensions for publishing are readily available for all mandatory screenshots.

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App Store Optimization - an ongoing iterative process

We not only handle the initial setup but also provide continuous ASO support for your product.

App Store and Google Play regularly release updates related to app pages, and implementing these changes promptly often yields maximum results.

To stay current and outshine competitors, periodic updates to your app's graphics are essential. For instance, creating graphics tailored to different seasons or preparing relevant changes for holidays and significant events can make a significant impact. Apps with frequently updated content can leverage ASO to announce new features directly on the store page.

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Our meticulous approach and expertise are designed to enhance conversion rates and reduce CPI.

App Store Optimization is a crucial focus upon app release, and ongoing refinement of the app page appearance is an integral part of continuous product development.