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Self-service platform for app promotion

By using our self-service platform, you can easily control the process of your app's promotion, boost keyword rankings, make any request into Trending Searches, push your app into the Top Free/Paid/Categories, and maintain the positions that you reach. Improvement of reviews and ratings is also available.

Advantages of our services

Use of our own sources of incentive and non-incentive traffic allows us to significantly cut CPI for our clients and quickly revise a campaign, if needed.

We develop an individual promotion strategy for every project and set up campaigns so that our clients get the highest possible return on their investments.

We have gathered a talented media buying team to guarantee the quality of supplied traffic. Our media buyers are always searching for new sources and methods of user acquisition.

A comprehensive strategy allows for better results and optimization of promotion costs. We combine various tools and channels to achieve the highest campaign efficiency possible.


Word by word Boost to the Top 3 Overall of the App Store


11,000 incent installs and 192,000 non-incent installs


The app reached Top 2 Overall, Top 1 in 4 keyword search results; 3 keywords got to Trending Searches.

Free for lunch Boost to the Top 1 Overall of the App Store


29,000 incent installs and 80,000 non-incent installs


The app reached Top 1 Overall, Top 1 in 3 keyword search results and got featured in the App Store; 2 keywords got to Trending Searches.

Motiday Boost to Top Overall of the App Store


7,000 incent installs including those from keyword search


The app reached Top 10 Overall, the relevant keyword got to Trending Searches, more than 25,000 organic installs were engaged

Guild of Heroes Boost to the Top Category of the App Store


5,560 incent installs from 13.08.16 to 16.08.16


The app reached Top 1 in "Role Playing" category and got featured in the App Store, the relevant keyword got to Trending Searches

Teacher's MethodBoost to the Top Category of the App Store


4,600 installs for boosting to Trending Searches


The app reached Top 1 Category and got featured in the App Store, the relevant keyword got to Trending Searches

Ask the Doctor Boost to Top Category of Google Play


2,515 incent installs within 24 hours


The app reached Top 3 in "Medical" category and Top 1 Popular within 2 days after the burst campaign started

Hot Dating Boost to Top Overall of the App Store


900 incentive installs within 24 hours


The app reached Top 3 Paid

About us

Throughout its existence, Appbooster has reached a high level of expertise in mobile app promotion. We are trusted by world leaders of industry, including: Disney, Alibaba Group, IGG, Forex Club, and many others.

The main measure of campaign success is the return on investments. We run a total analysis of your product, identify its target audience, and help run a campaign to maximum effect.

2013 Appbooster
was founded
25+ professionals
in our team

Resources available to you

1 500 000 +

real users are ready to install
our app

12 media buyers, –

savvy contextual
advertising specialists

2 000 +

partners in our CPI
mobile network

5 000 +

users who can leave a positive
review of your app

Our technologies

Our platform gives you the ability to attract more than 30,000 incentive installs per day. Anti-bot and anti-fraud mechanisms created by us guarantee that there will only be real installs from unique devices that do not violate the app store's guidelines.

Adsberry is an affiliate network that works on CPI, CPA, and CPR models. It consists of 2,000+ quality traffic sources: 70% – media buyers, 25% – direct traffic sources, 5% – other networks.

Using our platform, you can set up automatic purchases of any kind of traffic or improve your reviews and ratings. All statistics on advertising campaigns are available in your account. Your personal manager will help you customize campaigns to get the most effective results.

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Taitzi Panda


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Kingdoms Mobile



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Clients say

Snail games have worked with Appbooster since January 2016. During this time, Appbooster have showed their professionalism in working with large projects. Appbooster is one of the biggest mobile traffic source in CIS. They give us high quality traffic in big volumes. If you need high quality incent/non incent traffic, professional service, personal approach to your projects, definitely I recommend Appbooster for you.

Clark Alex, Marketing Manager
Snail Games

We are very glad to work with the Appbooster team. They provided detailed consultation, gave helpful advice, were always in touch, and worked 100%. We plan to continue our partnership and highly recommend them to others.

Ilya Smorodnikov, Marketing Manager
Galaxy Chat&Play

When working with agencies it is very important to get fast feedback in urgent situations: to launch a campaign, stop it, revise it asap, even during off-times, days-off, or on weekends. We'd like to thank Appbooster for on-the-fly responses in handling such issues regardless of the time or day.

Yulia Tirdanova, Key Account Manager
Effective Advertising Agency

A very pleasant and professional team. They provided ongoing support, consultations, an individual approach, and competitive prices. We tried to cooperate with other "eminent" players, who showed a lower level of business partnership. We will continue working with Appbooster.

Stepan Svetliy, CEO

Thank you to Appbooster and Kostya in particular for their help in promoting our game. These guys found the best way to promote our game specifically, successfully carried out the campaign at a good price, and also monitored the results, which is doubly pleasing. Thanks to Appbooster on behalf of Omega Games!

Nikita Ibrogimov, General Producer
Omega Games

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