Development of Mobile App Promotion Strategy

We streamline your marketing processes into an efficient and manageable system for generating new users.
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What does a strategy provide?

At any given moment, an app has a primary goal:

01.Test MVP / Conduct a Soft Launch / Explore Metrics
02.Find Product Marketing Fit
03.Scale Up / Enter New Markets
04.Secure New Investment Round
05.Capture Market Share
06.Increase Profitability

However, the product's goals are dynamic, influenced by past experiments, market signals, user feedback, and other data. Therefore, the strategy is a dynamic component of product development. We collaborate closely with the app team to ensure the strategy consistently aligns with goals, utilizing resources efficiently.

Without a strategy, achieving the goal becomes more a matter of luck than professionalism. A strategy charts the path from the goal to the outcome, mitigating risks and enhancing the likelihood of success.

A strategy facilitates:

Integration of all marketing channels into a unified system

Creation of a marketing development plan reflecting the path to achieving goals

Addressing trends and preparing for global change


Analyzing the current marketing system, market conditions, and business goals


Scaling the best solutions.


Analyzing the promotion funnel and finding breaking points.

Identify key points in the promotion funnel for significant metric improvement and select metrics aligned with hypotheses.


Starting to test hypotheses and documenting results.


Creating a detailed roadmap for strategy implementation.

Ensuring constant clarity about our actions and objectives.


Determining which channels to use.

Select channels considering their mutual support or hindrance.


Formulating a communication policy.

Define a communication policy guiding content creation.

Creating a strategy
Working with the product

Optimal outcomes are realized through close collaboration between marketing and the product team.

For extensive, multi-platform products (Web/Desktop/Mobile/Offline), we synchronize the mobile app promotion strategy with the overarching business strategy.Aligned goals and a shared understanding of hypothesis value and priorities foster mutual assistance in conducting experiments, resulting in enhanced outcomes. Emphasizing this collaboration, we consistently strive to work within the same coordinate system as all teams involved in mobile application development.