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5 rules for managing app reputation

Anna Tchaikovskaya

Sales Team Lead, Appbooster

A sales group lead shares 5 go-to principles that can help you maintain your app’s reputation at zero extra cost. Works for all verticals.

1. Keep track of the average rating

When deciding on installing an app, users often consider its rating. If your app’s rating is 4 or more stars, your view-to-install conversions must feel good. If your average rating is lower, you may want to improve it — otherwise, you are at risk of missing the best part of installs.

2. You need a safety bag

Even if your app’s average rating looks good, it can’t do solely. A bad update or stepped-up rivals’ activity may pull ratings down to 1- and 2-starred, thus impacting your overall grade. To avoid this, secure a good number of positive ratings to keep your status high and stable.

Most often, the Reviews page on the App Store shows the most relevant — as the store thinks — comments. And this relevance is evaluated based on the number of likes and dislikes. Having secured a good number of likes on positive and substantial reviews, you will make sure that your audience will only see positive information about your project.

4. Listen to what people say and improve your product

Don’t disregard reviews your users write for you. Most often, they can deliver valuable insights into the bugs that your project has or features it misses. Nobody knows what your target users want better than themselves.

5. Reply to every review

Most developers only reply to bad reviews, processing negative feedback and ignoring good opinions. Such an approach would compromise you as a developer who is always in touch with the audience. On the other hand, if you reply to both negative and positive reviews, you will build trust and loyalty among your audience.

Remember that managing your app’s reputation is vital, and we’ll tell you how to do it properly.

Best luck!

Anna Tchaikovskaya

Sales Team Lead, Appbooster


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5 rules for managing app reputation

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Sales Team Lead, Appbooster

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